We evaluate our fabrics right from the smallest of pieces, always in search of original ideas, new patterns, and unique items of clothing. By predicting new fashion trends we offer an avant-guard service oriented towards quality in order to satisfy one’s every needs.

Research and Development

Fimatex service

Sophisticated creations that will be produced in series: this is objective of R&D department” of the Fimatex Group, where creativeness and innovation find a fertile terrain to fully express.

The company develops two samples per year: one in summer and one in winter. The creative process always starts by observing the „real world out there” because this is the only credible stage to anticipate trends and translate into our own creations, interpreting the signs of the time with the coolest styles.

In order to offer a unique service to our customers, Fimatex has created, within a space of about 1.000 sqm, a historical archive of about 2.000 garments that are the result of over twenty years of research plus some selected vintage originals. This collection is a true Eden for professionals. The show room is also available online but only for the best customers, by invitation.


Fimatex service

With over 10 thousand square meters of production areas that guarantee a daily production of 20 thousand jeans, Fimatex has been producing unique garments for the most renowned fashion brands in the world, for many decades.

Our clients can rely on the fact that Fimatex production has in its own DNA the strive for Quality, the respect for the Enviroment respect and safety of workers.