Here come the jeans faded with eco-aging method. A vegetal mix composed of the waste from the food chain produces the effect “used” on the fabric and send in the attic the traditional “sandblasting” technique. The solution is the result of the investments in creativity and innovation of an Italian group, Fimatex, from Corropoli (Teramo), in Abruzzo, a manufacturing company specialized from over twenty years in the production and processing of jeans. An insight that will revolutionize the technique of abrasion of the denim and will guarantee a production of denim always in tune with consumer tastes and fashion trends, ensuring the highest safety condition for the health of workers. The vegetable mix adopted is ​​in fact environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable, actually with environmental impact zero.

The innovation studied and already used in Fimatex remove the “blast”system and will give extra value to the made in Italy that will become an hallmark of a production system safe and clean. The eco-aging system will offer to the giants of the global jeans industry the opportunity to take advantage of the new procedure developed by the group and to give further reputation to Italy as a production “pole” of jeans that will appeal to the high-end segment of the market,making fashion agree with health. Fimatex Group in the recent years has invested in Italy more than 5 million euro in research, development, equipment, technologies and know-how to be on the forefront of the sandblasting method, defining an application protocol in line with the strict Italian and European security laws, therefore absolutely safe for people.

Despite the significant investments made over the years that already provide a “safe sandblasting”, Fimatex group is constantly in innovative and sustainable evolution. Instead this is not the case of developing countries where the strength of the low price attracts the market that realizes these processes often with social costs too high and with the risk that the workers involved in the sandblasting could contract silicosis. Faithful to the principle of product quality and corporate social responsibility, Fimatex has continued his research to develop new eco-aging method that guarantees quality for consumers, safety for workers and added value for the company.